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Choosing a family for your child must be a unique and challenging experience. We hope that this book gives you the insight into our family to decide if we are the right fit for your child.

Our story together began in 2004, when we were both lifeguards outside Seattle. Lianna, never wanting to sit still, was cleaning the guard shack when Luke joined and started a conversation. Soon after, Luke asked Lianna out. On our second date, walking a river trail, we discovered that we shared many values:

  • Dedication to family
  • Passion for our careers, and
  • A desire to better the world.

We quickly became a couple, dating for seven years before marrying in 2011. Two years later, we welcomed our first child, Aiden. Over the years, we have experienced highs and lows, finding strength through the challenges, sharing joy in our successes, and building a stronger relationship with each day.

We are happy with our life and our talkative, imaginative son, but our family is not yet complete. Another pregnancy, given a challenging first pregnancy and a new health condition, would risk both the baby and Lianna’s health, and we have always wanted to share our love and support with a child that may otherwise have fewer opportunities. 

Therefore, we hope to welcome another child into our family through adoption. 

From early childhood, my brother and I were taught to value:

  • Knowledge

  • Empathy

  • Independence.

I try to live my values through my work as a pediatrician and scientist in an inner-city hospital, helping understand the health problems experienced by underserved populations. I deeply love my work and feel that the opportunity to pursue my passion makes me a better parent. 

My work often includes opportunities to travel in a way that allows a deeper connection with the community, and I have always brought my family along. This has resulted in a honeymoon in South Africa and an epic adventure in Kenya.

My skills as a parent and a pediatrician greatly overlap. I prioritize listening to children and hearing their stories in their own words. I know that all children need love and a good snuggle, especially when sick. I strive to give children choice, to build autonomy and show respect, as long as all choices are safe. And I know my love quickly and easily extends to any child I care for. 

I will love and nurture each child in our family as the unique and independent individual they are.

My first passion was swimming. I started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor in high school. I loved working with kids and always tried to bring fun and silliness to my classes. I enjoyed teaching the loudest, most energetic kids for over six years.

When picking a career, I gravitated towards engineering. As the child of a Boeing engineer and a rocket scientist (go mom!), I grew up practicing times tables and math and was obsessed with understanding how things work together. 

I was raised with strong values of independence and self-sufficiency and work hard every day to meet my own high expectations. 

After working at several medium to large engineering firms, I chose to pursue my dream of starting an independent firm with a friend from college. 

One of the great benefits of starting a firm is my very flexible schedule, so I get to be the parent that fields a teacher’s call or stays home with a sick kid. This also allows me to find those moments that I enjoyed as a swim instructor, the ones bursting with happiness and ridiculousness.  

Aiden is a bouncing ball, full of energy, passion and joy

When he grows up, Aiden plans to be a singer/scientist/inventor, all while traveling a lot!

We aspire to give Aiden the opportunity to explore all the world has to offer. We allow him to follow his interests through the wide selection of kid-friendly activities in our area. 

He’s also a seasoned traveler, having already visited Iceland, the Netherlands, and Kenya!

Aiden’s current obsessions include:

  • maps and transportation

  • dancing

  • board and card games

  • hugs

  • Mario and Pokemon (of course)

In addition to being a caring, adventurous child, Aiden also has high-functioning autism. We have spent the last two years searching for the right academic and extracurricular support for him, and we have really started to see him shine

Over the last year, Aiden has built wonderful friendships with kids both in and out of school.

Aiden is super excited about becoming a big brother. He is looking forward to reading to “our baby” and sharing his stuffed animals!

Reilly has been a central member of our family for 10 years.

We rescued Reilly as a puppy and have watched him grow into a mature dog who is both playful and well-behaved.

Reilly’s favorite thing in the world is chasing squirrels in Central Park.

We have called Manhattan home for nearly three years now. We live in a cozy, one-bedroom condo in a historic and family-friendly area of the city. 

Our living room is stocked with books, and we share dinner each night at a table next to the fireplace. Downstairs is our large, shared bedroom, where we have carved out a well-sized area for Aiden and an alcove to house the crib for a future baby.

Our home is small, but in Manhattan, your neighborhood is your extended home

We live within blocks of several playgrounds and many fantastic museums, offering wonderful play spaces for kids in all weather. We are within walking distance of great local stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, which we frequent whenever possible. Our home is also located in one of the best school zones in the city, giving the kids access to excellent public education.

NYC hosts innumerable family-friendly activities every day of the week, from story times at the local bookstore to festivals celebrating every holiday imaginable. 

We love the diversity of the city, and our workplaces and classrooms are filled with people from cultures from around the globe.  We strive every day to share the wide wonders of this city with every member of our family.

We love to improve our home, whether gardening in window boxes or creating a cozy nursery.  We also enjoy traveling and getting to know new places in the world.

Lianna plays cello in ensembles, and Luke is an avid swimmer. We love to share our passions with Aiden and look forward to swim classes and music lessons as a family of four.

Easter: Lianna’s mom hosts with egg decorating, egg hunts, and egg salad sandwiches.

Birthdays: Gifts always include activities, like an interactive theater performance for Aiden’s 6th birthday. This year, we also hosted an epic birthday party that included an impromptu violin performance.

Summer Fun: We soak up the outdoors, picking fruit, visiting the beach and exploring with our extended family. Last summer, we visited Cape Cod and Iceland with our parents.

Thanksgiving: We join family to eat pies, savory and sweet. A new part of our tradition has been walking to the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Christmas: Each December, our advent calendar is filled with toys and treats, handmade stockings hang by the fireplace and paper snowflakes cover the windows. Our Christmas is always filled with lots of delicious food, presents, and family.

We grew up with large, extended families spread from Maine to California, so it feels like we’re never far from family. Despite the distance, we continue to be close. 

Lianna’s mom relocated to Connecticut, and we see her monthly for brunch or a visit to the aquarium. 

Luke’s parents live outside Seattle, but with regular visits and weekly phone calls, they are active parts of our lives. 

Our brothers (one each) are enthusiastic uncles, sharing their Pokemon cards and piano skills with Aiden.

We have a network of friends around the country, who we frequently visit in their hometowns. A year ago, when Lianna’s best friend had a baby, she spent a week in San Francisco doing the dishes while chatting about diapers and research funding.

In NYC, we also have a strong support network. We frequently join the other families at Aiden’s school for birthday parties and playdates. Lianna works with a close group of pediatricians that always squeeze fun into their busy schedules, and Luke has rekindled a friendship from college into a business relationship to build a new engineering firm in NYC.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn just a bit about us, our family and our home.

We are seasoned parents that value independence, curiosity, and adventure from a safe and secure foundation of love. We are established in our careers and finances, and we plan to thoroughly support all children in our family while teaching them the value of hard work. We have a nurturing home to offer a baby, and we promise they will grow up surrounded by our love and the love of our extended community.

We hope to maintain a connection with you over the years, sharing photos and updates. We are flexible on the amount of contact that you will have with the child, depending on your wants and needs. We also know that your needs may change over time and are open to differing levels of openness throughout the life of the child.

We are ready and eager to add another child to our family, and we are so very excited to welcome this new little person into our lives.